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by fax or email. new york city is relocating and combining some polling places... and...sandy's not the only cause of voting trouble. in florida - no stranger to election controversy - state democrats are suing to extend early voting in some counties. after unprecedented turnout and long, long lines. tempers flared... with some waiting as long as 7 hours. those who couldn't wait...didn't vote. >> in this city of chicago more than 243,000 people voted early. some waiting up to four hours to cast a ballot yesterday. this year we fell just 17,000 ballots short of the 2008 record. we actually had five fewer days of early voting >> stay with us for the latest on the election. you can go to our website or follow-ups on twitter. tune in wednesdaytuesday night as we begin our live coverage at 7:00 >> power outages, gas lines, and housing problems continue in the aftermath of hurricane sandy.. with another storm on the way later this week. in the six days since the storm hit, more than a hundred people in ten states have died.. and hundreds of thousands of homes and businesse
for a marathon in new york city this week scrapped amid growing criticism. gov quinn defending his pick, what he says the new head of the illinois sports facilities authority is up for the job. busy in here. yeah. progressive mobile is... [ "everybody have fun tonight" plays ] really catching on! people can do it all! get a quote, buy and manage your policy! -[ music stops ] -it's great! well, what's with the... -[ music resumes ] -music? ♪ have fun tonight ♪ dude. getting a car insurance quote. i'll let it go to voicemail. [ clears throat ] ♪ everybody wang chung tonight ♪ putting it on vibrate. [ cell phone vibrates ] -[ loud vibrating ] -it'll pass. [ vibrating continues ] our giant store and your little phone. that's progressive mobile. quite a difference a day makes earlier today in new york city mayor michael bloomberg insisted the marathon would take place in his city by sunday and by tonight his office announced that the race was completely off after coming under harsh criticism since so many people are still suffering from the aftermath of sandy, we have more from new york.
crippled by hurricane sandy and now recovering from an intense snowstorm. >> >> new york city is a rationing gasoline new york's gov. chris christy said it will only set the cleanup effort back by a day. >> we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy and we can move forward in our recovery efforts. >> snell is creating a dangerous road conditions stranding some drivers 15,000 flights canceled by the storm in and out of the northeast. >> snow to the west, snow to the east and we are talking about 70 degrees. >> what did we do right? >> i don't know, but we have some interesting photographs. this is 11 in. of snow this morning in new jersey and in newtown conn., chicago transplant center as a picture of the snow that accumulated there, more than 1 ft. in some areas. we capture this beautiful shot of belmont harbor and christine of chicago another one. today was a great cloudy day, we finally got clouds to break up once you get the stratus in place under a temperature of version it's a double to break these things out and tonight we are clear. or at leas
york city is now rationing gasoline since thefor the first time since the fuel shortages of the 1970's, >> the best way we think to cut down and help customers get by faster is to help gas station stay open longer introduce the potential for disorder is to alternate the days that drivers can purchase gas. >> 650,000 homes and businesses still without power across the northeast tonight creating misery for storm refugees living without light and heat through cold nighttime temperatures. and held for hurricane sandy survivors on the way from the new york area.chicago area. they have collected diapers strollers clothing dog and cat food as well as cash, kids from the city and suburban schools' donated and road cars as well. we are in third grade class and sending food for dinner. $5 donations my in-laws made that and a lot of people said that's not enough that is enough, drips fill buckets, these are buckets. >> the caravan rolled out of the parking lot in hillside this morning, drivers have set up connection with people on the east coast to deliver the gifts to the people most in need.
. runners who plan to participate in the new york city marathon in stead when to staten island to help flood victims when the race is cancelled. its operating shelters and giving out food and water. filling up, millikin along with supporting documents, a couple thousand people a month are expected to use the new system. gas prices taking the biggest drop in nearly four years and local drivers are paying less at the pump experts say that superstores sandy played a big part in the gas drops because fewer people could travel. here in chicago gas is at $3.59 compared to an average of $3.47 throughout illinois. let's go to tom skilling. it will be a chilly election day but it will start with some sunshine tomorrow there's no reason not to go to the polls. we have big happenings across the continent a couple of different spots in debacle in jet stream gives rise to the big trough while the ridge building across the center gives rise to our forecast of warming over the weekend watch how fast this storm comes together off the east coast. these things move off to the gulf stream and explode with all
cities including new york detroit and washington d.c. it's financed by pamela gellar a conservative blogger with an organization called the american freedom defense initiative several groups in chicago say the ad campaign is racist. she is essentially sang to feed all muslims, defeat my kid my grandmother, my neighbors it's a silly at in their racist add in that sense and it's incredibly misinformed. he's executive director of the council on american islamic relations and say that most people associate the word jihad terrorism which he says is completely inaccurate. it is going to school pay your tuition and taxes having two jobs to raise your kids what ever is people go through the daily struggles in order to come on top against the barriers. they did release a statement saying the cta has a legal obligation to run the ads the statement reads in part this cta understands that this ad may be offensive to our customers while courts have ruled that this is the form of protected speech we object to is divisive message i would say that with this present supreme court that this sign howe
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6